Jay Pray

Out Now!

Jay Pray is the most recent incarnation of Justin P. Romanos.
This new project is a breakaway from his previous work as he enters into the arena with his shimmery synth pop debut.  


“Shimmery synth pop magic” Earmilk

" much fun it’s easy to lose sight of the subject matter and just get carried away by the fun of the beat and the exuberance of the arrangement." Bullett

" ...a perfect mix of indie pop, coupled with a catchy bridge and slick guitar solo. What more could one want?" - Indie Shuffle

" ...takes you to another place and leaves you wanting more." Medium

"The sensations of wanderlust are displayed with the most exquisite array of synths & arrangements that keep the mind wondering while wandering through the lengths & depths of the unknown." - Impose

"[‘I’d Go Anywhere (Do Anything)" It comes to an intense crescendo, with sounds crashing against each other, but eventually fizzles out, in the way an unrequited love does. This mimicry makes it both fun and forceful." The Wild Honey Pie